Car parking issues

We all have faced few of following issues. 

  • Someone has parked the car on your spot.
  • There is NO way to find “available” parking spots. 
  • You have a parking spot and want to rent out for a short period( e.g. when you have a parked car somewhere else) but NO digital solution is available.
  • Car is NOT parked properly in a slot.
  • It is difficult to charge parking in open spaces and manual labour is required to verify the parking fees.




TheiShare Parking lock is a solution to the above mentioned issues.


Install an iShare parking lock on your dedicated parking spot and digitally share with family and friends  or rent out the parking spot to others. You can create packages like per minute, per hour etc. 

Others can see the availability of parking spots and they can pay directly to you via Frekis app. This solution is an ideal for private persons /small societies as well as for enterprise.


iShare Parking Lock

Optimize your parking spots by Installing iShare Parking locks and Integrate in your existing app ,customers can see the availability of parking spots in real time and pay directly to you.

If needed we can provide branded apps also including maintenance also. 


Optimize the parking places by digitizing with iShare locks and earn more revenue.

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