TheiShare Multipurpose smart lock


iShare Lock for any physical asset(s) with an infinite business opportunities 

iShare ForALL is the flagship lock of TheiShare. This lock can be used with any physical asset. This lock has sharing, rental , leasing and Sell capabilities without any physical contact. Asset owners can create “docks’ ‘ , so borrowers have to return the asset at the same place else the lock will NOT be locked and in that case borrowers may have to pay penalty or extra charges. 

If this lock is attached with any asset. Asset owners can choose the following.


They can share physical assets with anyone. They can revoke access anytime too. 


They can start their own rental business. Renting out wheelchairs or strollers or trollies are very popular in amusement parks or shopping malls. 

In summer time, small boats, kayaks, SUP, Sunbed are popular assets and visitors often rent these assets but with iShare locks, the entire renting process can become digital and smooth.


They can lease assets like bikes, e-scooter, etc to short term visitors. This model is very popular in tourist places. 


NO need to create your own showroom. If buyers like the assets they can buy the asset within a few clicks. 





TheiShare Multipurpose smart lock