Getting started guide

We collected all you need to know to get started and add your assets

  1. Unboxing and activating the lock
  2. Registering the lock as an asset
  3. Sharing the lock with friends
  4. Manage & track your asset
  5. Turning off alarm
  6. Troubleshooting tips

A secure & safe lock

Alarm will be triggered when:

  • Cable is cut 
  • Battery cover is unscrewed
  • Vibrating or moving the lock triggers alarm for 30 seconds

Alarm will stop after connecting with Frekis App with authorisation to unlock.

Unboxing & activating

Install 3 AAA batteries by screwing down the battery cover. Once batteries are in, Insert the chain into the lock and press the “lock” button. When the lock sounds (loud beepbeep) it means it is locked. A blue light shows whilst pressing the lock button.

Register the lock

Open Frekis app and scan QR code. Choose to register a new lock. Give the lock a name and description and save it. You are all set!

IMPORTANT: This only works if lock is “locked”, meaning the chain is inserted in the lock and batteries are placed, see unboxing. 

Sharing with friends

Lock owners can share locks with unlimited users by simply adding their usernames in the lock. After adding your friends, they will get notification and latest location of lock and can now unlock it.

Manage & track 

Each lock can be managed and tracked, easily from the Frekis app.

Locks can only be paired by one person at the time. If user A has unlocked the lock then only that user can use it unless lock is released by user A by locking it.

Users can pair with one lock at a time also. They can NOT unlock multiple locks with same smartphone device and account.

Turning of the alarm

If alarm is triggered then scan QR code. If you are owner or if you are a authorised user of a shared lock, upon scanning QR code, the alarm will stop.


As an owner, you can enable /disable vibration sensors. If vibration sensors are enabled then alarm will be triggered in case of any suspicious activity.

Trouble shooting & tips

Unable to lock (No DiDi Sound when insert the cylinder)

Check the following

  1. Batteries wrongly installed, please reinstall.
  2. Low battery, replace battery
  3. Battery cover is not screwed well.Tighten the screw completely.
  4. The lock cylinder is not plugged to the bottom. Pull out the cylinder and plug it into the hole deep enough.
  5. The lock cylinder has been oxidized and causes bad connection:  Polish the cylinder with abrasive paper.
Fail to connect with Lock


  1. unlocked status.
  2. Blueooth is off.
  3. Phone’s GPS is off.
  4. The lock is paired with the other phone.
  5. Interfered by other Bluetooth signals nearby.


  • Follow the user manual and lock it till you hear DiDi sound after pressing the lock button then search and pair it.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Turn on GPS
  • Turn off Bluetooth of the other phone.
  • Move to new position and try again.
Indicated Unlocked status


  1. Mobile phone Bluetooth is off.
  2. The distance between the lock and phone is too far.
  3. Low battery of the lock.
  4. Not enough storage of mobile phone.
  5. Program stuck.


  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Stay closer to pair.
  • Change batteries.
  • Turn off Bluetooth then on or restart your phone.
  • Reinstall batteries and pair with Bluetooth devices.
Failed to unlock


  1. Low battery
  2. App stops
  3. The lock bar hasn’t been adjusted completely to unlock status.


  • Change batteries.
  • Sign out from the app, turn of Bluetooth, then on, and open the app.
  • Plug the cylinder to the bottom completely to restore the lock bar, then turn off Bluetooth and on, unlock the device after pairing.